First of all, a very simple statement of faith :  "Jesus is My Lord" [1Cor 12:3]

Second, my name is Eddie Noragong, I am a layman, not a pastor, and you had better make good use of the Blueletter Bible link above, to be a Berean about everything you read on this site.  

    This web site is a humble attempt, to encourage, exhort, and equip every born-again Christian who stumbles upon it, to get started on a life-time commitment to prayer.  We each need to stop talking about prayer, be still before God, and Just Pray.  

    Though realizing that prayer is perhaps best taught by example, I have learned by experience that example itself is not enough.  The examples of others can only point the way toward this objective : you and I must personally confirm the benefits of prayer, by actually praying to God in secret, not just thinking about prayer, attending prayer meetings, or even listening to the best Biblical instruction on prayer.  You and I must personally put what God has taught us about prayer into practice.  God and I must fully communicate.  

    The fact is, few of us pray like we "know we ought to" pray, and so, seeking God's solution for this dilemma is our primary objective.

    Toward this objective, the website offers Biblical teaching and resources concerning two types of prayer, namely, praying in secret, and praying together.  Some people refer to praying in secret as "having a quiet time", "private prayer", or going to one's "prayer closet".  Some people refer to praying together as "prayer meetings", or, "corporate prayer".  When a prayer meeting gets large enough, and bold enough to cross doctrinal,  denominational,  ministerial, social and generational bounds, it's often called a "concert of prayer", based on a writing of the renowned 18th century theologian  Jonathan Edwards.  The writing is  entitled "A humble attempt to promote the agreement and union of god's people throughout the world in extraordinary prayer for a revival of religion and the advancement of god's kingdom on earth, according to scriptural promises and prophecies of the last time."  Yep, that's just the title!  And hence, you now have a hint as to how this web site has been partially influenced.

    It is held by most that a general moving, in the hearts of all believers worldwide, to consistently form and attend prayer meetings, will result in worldwide revival [2Chr 7:14], of the nature described in Acts Chapter 2. [Acts 2:1]  Some refer to such a phenomenon as a "Great  Awakening", and might challenge that full blown concerts of prayer must precede them.  This website seeks to convey that such notions are based on the Bible, and the wealth of historical evidence, of what actually happened, whenever believers were truly of one heart and mind to pray.

    The burden to develop this site began when the writer could not persuade most of his brethren so to pray.  I believe ignorance of the truly unfathomable blessings of prayer, ignorance of the sure spiritual perils of not praying, plus, the shortage of mature believers who are willing to be examples, are immediate roots of this behavior.  Another root is the a lack of unity in the body of Christ, due to an over-emphasis of doctrinal differences.  Such differences should never prevent us from loving each other, and praying together in one accord.  A deeper root, I believe, is a general neglect of secret prayer.  It is only from secret prayer,  that the power for effective corporate prayer is harnessed.  All this is of grave concern, for, Jesus commands us to pray. [Mat 26:41], [Mar 13:33], [Luke 18:1-8], and His Apostles did too  [1Ti 2:1], [Eph 6:18], [Rom 12:12], [James 5:16-18], [1Pe 4:7]   

    Furthermore, for those of us who are praying: are we weeping before the throne of God for our brethren, or not ?  Do we identify with the sinfulness of the whole, as our own sin, just like the prophet Daniel? [Dan 9]  It is such "broken hearted" prayer, the prayer of the weeping prophet, and no other, that will move the hand of God, to pour out His Holy Spirit in torrents.  If we truly wish to see revival, this is where it starts.  The Lord says, "For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name [is] Holy; I dwell in the high and holy [place], with him also [that is] of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones." [Isaiah 57:15]  For me personally, it took the September 11 World Trade Center tragedy, to bring me to this point.  Only then, could I get this web site out of my head, and pouring through my heart. 

    Overall, I think most of us simply have not discovered how to pray effectively.  Wisdom, encouragement, and guidance from God's Word are crucial, toward making any lasting progress here.   I believe once we truly understand how God blesses, and what God promises those who pray, and the immeasurable blessings He bestows upon others through our prayer, nothing will keep us from His presence;  and once again, I stress that it is the practice of prayer alone, that will bring such discovery - not just knowing the way, but, walking in the way.  It is prayerfully hoped that the bible based teachings, and links to the same, from this web site will help.  The real fruit will come, however, when you the reader are prepared to pray, in secret with God, and with those in your own local fellowship.  And after that, how about praying with other fellowships in your locality ?  Or, perhaps merely praying for the next believer who stumbles upon this humble web site ?  Pray about it, my brethren.  As for me, I am  continually asking, and trusting our Lord Jesus, will teach us just pray...

    Yours In Christ,

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