Compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey


Unlimited Possibilities

Unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto Him be glory. . . by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end (Eph. 3:20, 21).

Prove me now... saith the Lord of hosts (Mal. 3:10).

    "Above all we ask." The ability of God is beyond our prayers, beyond our largest prayers! I have been thinking of some of the petitions that have entered into my supplications innumerable times. . . . Sometimes I have thought that my asking was too presumptuous, it was even beyond the power of God to give. And yet here comes the apostolic doxology: "above all we ask." What I have asked for is nothing compared to the ability of my God to give. I have asked for a cupful, and the ocean remains! I have asked for a sunbeam, and the sun abides! My best asking falls immeasurably short of my Father's giving. It is beyond all that we ask. J. H. Jowett

    There is a valley in Italy called Larderello Valley. It is called the Valley of Hell because it is a very ugly valley, sitting on top of a volcano. Here the white hot interior of the earth comes closer to the earth's surface than is normal elsewhere.

    A Frenchman, Count de Larderello, noticed white deposits that were left in the little pools in the valley where the steam pushing its way through the earth's crust left deposits of water. He asked of these pools and they gave minerals.

    But in 1904 more daring experiments were made and five electric bulbs were lit by power generated by the steam. A more intrepid man bored into the earth's surface, and steamy vapors hurtled themselves thousands of feet into the air. There was power unlimited, but the task was to harness and utilize this untapped form of energy. 13% of Italy's entire electricity needs were met as pipelines were laid conveying

the power to the industrial and population centers. Doubtless much more may still be realized by those asking more from this unlimited source of power.

    Five electric bulbs or endless energy. We limit God by our timid asking and failing to harness by prayer that immeasurable Almightiness of God. God has said His power was unlimited. "With God nothing shall be impossible unto you." He has told us to "ask" and promised that we should receive. The tragedy of most of our lives is what we miss. Trivialities absorb us while all the time God's almightiness is available!

    May our prayer be like David's: "O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed Thy strength unto this generation, and Thy power to every one that is to come" (Psa. 71:18).

We doubt the word that tells us: Ask,

And ye shall have your prayer; 

We turn our thoughts as to a task,

With will constrained and rare.

And yet we have; these scanty prayers

Yield gold without alloy: 

O God, but he that trusts and dares

Must have a boundless joy!

G. MacDonald

    The Word of God represents all the possibilities of God as at the disposal of true prayer. Help is at hand, and often comes before the prayer is yet complete, because He hears the unspoken sigh and groan. God's supplies are inexhaustible; His ability and willingness are both infinite; hence His answers often transcend all our requests or even imaginings. When the praying suppliant abides in Christ, as the branch in the vine, his supplications are but one form of the development and expression of the Life of Christ in him, just as the buds, blossoms, and clusters of the branch are expressions of the vine's vitality. Prayer brings peace by banishing care, transferring burdens to the great Burden Bearer. A. T. Pierson




Kneeling We Triumph is a storehouse of precious nuggets on the subject of prayer, compiled from the writings of godly men and women of the past. Consisting of sixty two-page readings, this book will stimulate you to the tremendous possibilities of prayer. Some chapter titles are "Waiting, a Proof of our Faith," "Hush My Heart to Listen," and "When Prayer is a Cry."

From the authors' Forward :

"Like many other Christian workers who have been anxious to be successful in labor for God, we have been forced to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit alone can effect lasting results. During these past years of heart-searching study, we have gathered together similar conclusions from many God-honored ministers and missionaries who have discovered the secret that the Holy Spirit comes to our aid when, wearied with self-effort, we ask, seek, and knock. We long very much to share with God's children some of these readings and to spread them as widely as possible."


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