Compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey


Prayer and Revival

All this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the Lord our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and understand Thy truth (Dan. 9:13).

Now therefore, O our God, hear the prayer of Thy servant, and his supplications, and cause Thy face to shine upon Thy sanctuary that is desolate, for the Lord's sake (Dan. 9:17).

    Usually when God intends greatly to bless a church, it will begin in this way—two or three persons in it are distressed at the low state of affairs and become troubled even to anguish.

    Perhaps they do not know of their common grief but they begin to pray with flaming desire and untiring importunity. The passion to see the church revived rules them. They think of it as they go to rest. They dream of it on their bed. They muse on it in the streets. This one thing consumes them. They suffer great heaviness and continual sorrow in heart for perishing sinners. They travail in birth for souls.

    Lord, give me a dozen importunate pleaders and lovers of souls, and by Thy grace I will shake London from end to end!

    God's work would go on without the mass of you Christians. Many of you only hinder the march of God's army. But give us a dozen lion-like, lamb-like men burning with intense love to Christ and souls, and nothing will be impossible to their faith.

    Who are they that hinder? I answer. Every worldly Christian hinders the progress of the Gospel. Every member of a church who is living in secret sin, who is tolerating in his heart anything he knows is wrong, who is not seeking eagerly his own personal sanctification, is to that extent-hindering the work of the Spirit.

    Be ye clean, ye that bear the vessels of the Lord, for to the extent that we maintain known unholiness, we restrain the Spirit. He cannot work among us as long as any conscious sin is tolerated.

    It is not overt breaking of Commandments I am speaking of but I include worldliness also—a care for carnal things and a carelessness about spiritual things: 

having enough grace to make us hope you are a Christian but not enough to prove you are; bearing a shrivelled apple here and there on the topmost bough, but not much fruit; this I mean—this partial barrenness, not complete enough to condemn, yet complete enough to restrain the blessing—this hinders revival and the progress of the Church.

    Some of you Christians do not put your hand to pull. Then the rest of us have to labor so much the more, and the worst of it is we have to draw you also. While you do not add to the strength that draws, you increase the weight that is to be drawn.

    Oh, by the wounds and bloody sweat of the Saviour, I beseech you, followers of Christ, be in earnest—that the Name of the Lord may be known and loved among men through your life and earnest testimony and the agonizing endeavors of the Christian Church.

C. H. Spurgeon

    I feel more and more deeply, every time I address meetings, that you may have an earnest Christian, a godly man or woman, and yet his or her life be far below what God could make it, if he or she would wait for the Holy Spirit to get possession. Believers, I want to call you to be intercessors, I want to plead with you by the needs of London with its millions of people, by the needs of heathenism with its hundreds of millions, and by the needs of the Church of Christ, alas! alas! with its multitudes of nominal professors and half-hearted Christians—will you not be intercessors? Will you not give up yourselves to walk in the footsteps of Christ, and to become fountains of blessing to this weary world? Oh, come and let the Holy Ghost have you entirely today, and then He will teach you how to pray. —Andrew Murray











Kneeling We Triumph is a storehouse of precious nuggets on the subject of prayer, compiled from the writings of godly men and women of the past. Consisting of sixty two-page readings, this book will stimulate you to the tremendous possibilities of prayer. Some chapter titles are "Waiting, a Proof of our Faith," "Hush My Heart to Listen," and "When Prayer is a Cry."

From the authors' Forward :

"Like many other Christian workers who have been anxious to be successful in labor for God, we have been forced to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit alone can effect lasting results. During these past years of heart-searching study, we have gathered together similar conclusions from many God-honored ministers and missionaries who have discovered the secret that the Holy Spirit comes to our aid when, wearied with self-effort, we ask, seek, and knock. We long very much to share with God's children some of these readings and to spread them as widely as possible."


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