Compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



    My Brethren,

    Harvey Christian Publishers were so kind to allow this web site to post 10 pages from "Kneeling We Triumph, Book Two."  I ask now, that if you have been stirred to pray, as a result of these samples, please prayerfully consider buying a copy.  The publisher's prices are very reasonable, and from their liner notes, their web site information, the testimony of other faithful saints, and my direct email conversations, I am fully convinced this publisher's primary motivation is that Jesus would be glorified in our hearts.  I would also assure everyone that Book One is as good as Book Two, and that there are MANY, MANY MORE GEMS OF INSPIRATION TO PRAY in these 2 marvelous compilations.  They are the richest samplings of most of the authors, whose quotes I have treasured over the years, including C. H. Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, A. T. Pierson, A. J. Gordon, E. M. Bounds, Samuel Chadwick, A. W. Tozer, F. B. Meyer, Alan Redpath, and many others.

    With one last word of persuasion, I leave you with the authors' words, which I feel represent the heart of these 2 marvelous devotional treasures :

From the authors' Forward :

"Like many other Christian workers who have been anxious to be successful in labor for God, we have been forced to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit alone can effect lasting results. During these past years of heart-searching study, we have gathered together similar conclusions from many God-honored ministers and missionaries who have discovered the secret that the Holy Spirit comes to our aid when, wearied with self-effort, we ask, seek, and knock. We long very much to share with God's children some of these readings and to spread them as widely as possible."

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