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J. Edwin Orr on Prayer and Revival (My continual inspiration.  This page links to some of the best features of www.jedwinorr.com, a great site dedicated to Dr Orr's works)

Praying the Price" by Stuart Robinson

THE GREAT REVIVAL  C. H. Spurgeon's call on the most wholesome revival in American History

Intercession, Every Christian's Duty by George Whitefield

The New Revival Library - scores of revival accounts, biographies and other inspirational materials in many thousands of pages on the CD, more than a third of which can be accessed freely on this site

Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds Online (Perhaps the most challenging teacher on prayer ever.  Though much of this book seems directed to "preachers", within the bare principles lay practical gleanings for all)

MORE FREE Books on Prayer Online

Renewal Journal # 1 (93:1): Revival 

(5 good papers, plus some prayer related book reviews)

Lift UP Ministries  (MANY awesome links here. Find a sermon, and just go for it)

J. Edwin Orr's Video on the Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakenings(Very dry sermon, but the statistics on what actually happened, when Christians prayed with one heart, are staggering)

Spurgeon's Prayer Sermons (a local adaptation of the Spurgeon Archive)