There are two devotional books which scarcely anyone I know has read, until I buy them a copy, then insist they read it. Frankly, I can't afford to keep buying books for everybody, so they are here provided online.




I have owned a paperback copy of Andrew Murray's "Waiting On God" for a quarter of a century. Both front and back covers have long ago fallen off, and the corners of each yellow-aged page are frayed. It is in my opinion the deepest of his works. There is a newer edition which attempts to modernize his Victorian Age English, but for me, it simply lacks the power of this earlier (and now public domain) edition. This book helped motivate me to learn, how to lay my head at Jesus' feet, and keep it there.

 Compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey

This one reads like a "greatest hits" from all the best works on prayer. The Harveys wrote it in a two-page format, so that busy  Christian workers would have short, but very powerful meditations, which motivate us toward God's throne. We've been given permission to host 5 of these wonderful  two-page devotions.