Posted 18DEC2001:

The "Adopt-A-People" Global Prayer Digest

Summary :

A web site of U.S. Center for World Mission 

"The Global Prayer Digest is a unique devotional booklet. Each day it gives a glimpse of what God is doing around the world, and what still remains to be done. Daily prayer for that still-unfinished task is at the heart of the Adopt-A-People movement. Condensed missionary stories, biblical challenges, urgent reports, and exciting descriptions of unreached peoples provide a digest of rich fuel for your own times of prayer for the world.

The Global Prayer Digest is a key tool in a movement to help fulfill Christ's commission to make disciples of all the peoples of the earth. This movement involves a daily discipline of learning, praying, and giving to help reach the world's nearly 9,000 unreached people groups. Unreached peoples are those groups which do not yet have a strong church in their own cultural and social setting."  [taken directly from their site]

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