300 Million Indian Untouchables on the Brink of Receiving Jesus Christ

    India has more people groups, and larger people groups, who have NEVER heard the name of Jesus the Messiah, than any other place on earth today.  Furthermore, its traditional Hindu culture virtually enslaves 300 million of its people to a life of poverty, via its caste system.  These are the untouchables, the Dalits (DAW-lits), its lowest caste.  On Nov 4, 2001, one million educated Indian untouchables, representing 300 million Dalits throughout India, officially REJECTED Hinduism, at a national conference.  They have also recognized that freedom from oppression of their human rights, goes hand in hand with spiritual freedom.  They are formally encouraging all Dalits to embrace either Buddhism, or Christianity.  Literally 300 million souls lie on the balance.  The conference allowed Dalit Buddhists, plus an All India Christian coalition, to present their cases.  Prayer and fasting was requested by Gospel For Asia, who is part of the coalition.  Violence would eventually erupt, as those who oppress Dalits know it is the beginning of the end of their oppression, if many Dalits embrace Christianity.  All non-Dalit Christians who help Dalits, are targets too.  The biggest need is for non-Dalit Christians to faithfully obey the Lord Jesus, by helping Dalits who embrace Christianity., no matter what the cost : this is the deciding factor, between Buddhism and Christianity (BTW, they were going to include Islam at the conference, until Sept 11 changed their minds). The brethren need to share the gospel openly, be ready to counsel individually at any time, be ready to receive all Dalits into their homes and congregations (whether as inquirers or new believers, and have the wisdom to know the difference).  Non-Dalit Christians need to be willing to minister freely to Dalits' physical needs, and prepare for any consequential backlash, from the evil men currently oppressing Dalits.  The second great need is for 300 million Bibles!  For the latest updates on this urgent prayer need, please click hereDalits are not the only unreached people in India.  There's also a General News Update page, with a prayer post link at the bottom of each news article.  These are amazing testimonies of the Lord Jesus' power to save, protect and heal those who call upon His name. After reading them, I'm certain you will find cause to intercede for these brethren. Lastly, GFA has an email prayer alert, for those who join the GFA Prayer Team (there is absolutely not cost to join).

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, my Brethren.  If EVER there was a time to pray for India, it is today.

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Prayerfully Yours,

Posted 06NOV2001