Posted 01JAN2002 :

Open Doors :  Pray to Shatter the Silence

Summary :

The prayer page of Open Doors Ministry with Brother Andrew, for persecuted Christians worldwide.  Brother Andrew, known as "God's Smuggler", has been bringing Bibles to the persecuted church, three decades before the iron curtain opened.  Anywhere on earth, where it is illegal to own a Bible, the ministry of Open Doors is actively engaged.  Brother Andrew's autobiography, entitled "God's Smuggler",  is perhaps the most inspiring missionary story of the century.  I highly recommend it, along with the new youth centered version "The Narrow Road", which has a CD supplement, featuring the music of Jars of Clay.  

"Millions of Christians face intense persecution for their faith and suffer in silence. They ask believers living in freedom to pray for them as well as for their persecutors. And Almighty God has promised to listen. The following prayer requests are updated regularly. Please come back often to take action on behalf of suffering Christians. In some cases, the requests are "edited" so that the lives of our brothers and sisters are not jeopardized." [from their web site, italics mine]

To view the prayer requests page, click here.

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