posted 21DEC2001

"Praying Hyde" and The Punjab Prayer Union

Summary :

"He was always on his knees when I went to bed, and on his knees long before I was up in the morning, though I was up with the dawn.  He would also light the lamp several times in the night, and feast on some passages of the Word, and then have a little talk with the Master.  He sometimes remained on his knees the whole day. The Spirit made him an object-lesson to us, that we might have a better idea of Christ's prayer life" 

    -- J. Pengwern Jones, on the prayer life of John Hyde

Bethany House Publishers has a "Men of Faith" biography series, which includes a marvelous 68 page book, entitled "John Hyde, The Apostle of Prayer", by Francis McGaw.  I believe it was originally published by Moody, under the title "Praying Hyde".  Here's an excerpt :

"The Punjab Prayer Union

    In every revival there is a divine side and a human side.  In the Welsh revival the divine element comes out prominently.  Evan Roberts, the leader under God, seems in a sense to have been a passive agent, mightily moved in the night seasons by the Holy Spirit.  There was no organization and very little preaching -- comparatively little of the human element.  The Sialkot revival which is now to be described, while just as certainly sent down from heaven, seems not so spontaneous.  There was under God, organization; there was a certain amount of definite planning, and there were seasons of long continued prayer.   

    Preceding the revival was the organization of the Punjab Prayer Union.  The principles of this union are stated in the form of questions which were signed by those becoming members.

Are you praying for the quickening in your own life, in the life of your fellow-workers, and in the Church?

Are you longing for greater power of the Holy Spirit in your own life and work, and are you convinced that you cannot go on without this power?

Will you pray that you may not be ashamed of Jesus?

Do you believe that prayer is the great means for securing this spiritual awakening?

Will you set apart one-half hour each day as soon after noon as possible to pray for this awakening, and are you willing to pray till the awakening comes?

    John Hyde was associated with this prayer union from its beginning.  The members of the prayer union lifted up their eyes according to Christ's command and saw the fields, white to the harvest.  In the Book they read the immutable promises of God.  They saw the one method of obtaining this spiritual awakening, even by prayer.  They set themselves deliberately, definitely, and desperately to use the means till they secured the result.

    The Sialkot revival was not an accident nor an unsought breeze from heaven..."

I urge, and challenge everyone who ever reads this page, to start their own Punjab Prayer Union.  Here's How :

    A)  Buy the book "John Hyde, The Apostle of Prayer", by Francis McGaw, Bethany House.  It usually only costs about $5, plus shipping and it's only 68 pages. (Or, if you order it from a local church book shop, you might save on shipping, and be supporting your local church.)

    B)  After reading the book, get a pen, and write three things in the back inside cover.  On one line, write the date, and then "Our Punjab Prayer Union".  Then sign your name, under this title line.

    C)  Now, pray for guidance from God, as to who should read the book next.  You want to find somebody who might sign the back cover likewise, and then likewise, pass it on to another.  "Loan" the book to such a person (don't tell them about the back cover).  When it comes back, ask them if they want to sign, and then pass it on to another...

    D)  ...When you get enough signers to comfortably fill your living room, say 3 to 8 brethren, invite them over for coffee or tea, and to pray.  (From experience, I caution you not to serve a full meal.  Some may not be inclined to pray afterward!)  Then please click on the "Brother Eddie" logo below, and tell me how the prayer meeting went (if you wish, you may email me beforehand, so we can agree in "knee-mail" over the matter).  For some guidelines for conducting prayer meetings, try the Prayer Meetings link.


    Prayerfully Yours,