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Voice of the Martyrs : Prayer for Imprisoned Christians

Summary :

The prayer page of the Voice of the Martyrs Ministry.  Many ministries to persecuted Christians operate secretly, to protect underground churches from detection, by their persecutors.  Voice of the Martyrs stresses courageous diplomatic confrontation with their persecutors as well, in order to help those brethren who are not only persecuted, but, imprisoned and tortured for Christ's sake.  Founder Richard Wurmbrand's autobiography "Tortured for Christ" shocked the Western world, by graphically revealing the sufferings of the imprisoned church in modern times.  This is a must read, for any Western Christian who wishes to completely understand the present needs of those imprisoned for Christ, and to more fully appreciate the Bible's command to "Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them". [Heb 13:3], [Matt 25:36]  

"The Voice of the Martyrsä has been actively serving the persecuted church for over 30 years. Our mission is clear. With the continued persecution of Christ's body around the world, we strive to bring practical and spiritual assistance while making their voice heard.

The Voice of the Martyrsä was founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. During the hard line Communist rule of Romania, Pastor Wurmbrand spent fourteen years in prison for his ministry with the underground church. He underwent frequent tortures. In 1964, Pastor Wurmbrand, his wife Sabina, and their son, Mihai, were ransomed from Romania for $10,000. Expecting to see a feeble, defeated man, the world witnessed a spiritual giant who overcame desperate situations through his love for Christ.

His calling became clear as he established the ministry of The Voice of the Martyrsä around the world and quickly became known as ‘the voice of the underground church’" [from their web site]

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