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The Great Confession Part 2[2Chr 6:40]  Alistair Begg

The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening,  J. Edwin Orr

Weeping Between Porch and the Altar[Joel 2:17] Leonard Ravenhill

Note: old recording , poor quality, but absolutely worth listening to!


The Men God Uses Part 1Chuck Smith

Note: delivered at a men's conference, but applicable to all


A Call to Anguish, [Nehemiah 1] David Wilkerson 

Why the Early Church was So on FireJon Courson

How to Pray for Revival[Ps 85:6] David Guzik

Revival and the Word of God[2Kings 22] Chuck Smith 


New! The Desire to Escape[1 Samuel 27] Damien Kyle  

Note: I wish I could rename this "The Only Cure for Prayerlessness"

The Prayer Life of Jesus[Luke 3] Jack David Daniels  


Calling On The Name Of The Lord, (video) Jim Cymbala


Why is it So Hard to Pray, [Hbr 10:19] David Wilkerson 

Access to God, [Luke 11]  Gayle Irwin

How to Pray - Chapter 1 (reading) R.A. Torrey

A Practicum of Prayer, (the tabernacle) Jon Courson

Acts 11-13:5Matt Valencia

A Prayer for Revival, [Habakkuk 3]  David Guzik

No Man is Greater Than His Prayer Life - Part 1   Leonard Ravenhill

Elijah - He Prayed, [James 5:17]  Leonard Ravenhill

The Greatest Prayer, [John 17]  Leonard Ravenhill

An Interview with Leonard Ravenhill, (video)  Leonard Ravenhill

The Power of Prayer,  [Ps 86] Alan Redpath

Prayer - Living ArightA.W. Tozer  Pursuit of God

Prayer - Asking ArightA.W. Tozer  Pursuit of God


Christ A StrangerDavid Wilkerson 

The Necessity of Secret PrayerDavid Wilkerson 


A Biblical Road to Revival[2Kings 22] Jon Courson


A Life Changing Prayer[Col 1:9-14] Charles Stanley


As For Me, I Give Myself Unto Prayer, Roy Daniel


Why We Don't Pray[Eph 6:18] Steve Mays

Why We Should Pray[Eph 6:18] Steve Mays