The Kneeling Christian, Unknown Author

The Path of Prayer, Samuel Chadwick

With Christ in the School of Prayer, Andrew Murray

Power Through Prayer, E. M. Bounds

The Necessity of Prayer, E. M. Bounds

Possibilities in Prayer,  E. M. Bounds

Purpose in Prayer,  E. M. Bounds

The Weapon of Prayer,  E. M. Bounds

More E. M. Bounds

The Life of Prayer, A. B. Simpson  (from the preface: "I have read and reread Dr. Simpson's book The Life of Prayer with the deepest interest and profit. No one can give this little book a careful reading without realizing that the author has lived in the secret of his Master's presence. Every page makes it evident that here is a man who has prayed through. Down through the Christian centuries few men have had greater prayer results. Great would be the spiritual quickening if every Christian mastered this classic on the prayer life." -- Jonathan Goforth)

A Humble Attempt (to Promote the Agreement and Union of God's People Throughout the World In Extraordinary Prayer For a Revival Of Religion And The Advancement Of God's Kingdom On Earth According To Scriptural Promises And Prophecies Of The Last Time), Jonathan Edwards

How to Pray, R. A. Torrey

Method of Prayer, Madame Jeane Guyon (I also highly  recommend the editor's preface)

(Some of the books above are not only public domain, but downloadable!  They are provided as a labor of love, from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.  Surf around them a bit, you'll see...)


The following online books are not on prayer, but, they have been such a blessing in my life, and, I know so few people who have read them!  I have to pass them on, knowing they will help CHANGE your life forever :

Absolute Surrender, Andrew Murray

The Normal Christian Life, Watchman Nee

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