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1)    The best inspiration to pray comes from the Bible. Spending a good deal of time examining scripture in the Biblical Prayer page, is greatly encouraged.  Whatever scriptures seem to stick out to you, are probably the Holy Spirit's indication that He wants you to really know these well, that you might apply them in prayer.  Throughout the site, 99% of the Bible references are active links to the Blue Letter Bible, a comprehensive Bible Study tool. (NOTE: the first time you open a Bible link, the Blue Letter Bible will offset the scripture incorrectly. Just close the window, and click on the link again, and all the Bible links will then work properly.)

2)    The Elijah U. feature, at the top of each page, displays inspirational Prayer Quotations. They can be picked randomly, from a list of about 500 quotes, or you may search, cut and paste them in a "Quote Pad" tool.  Most of these are from books, by notable Christian authors on Prayer, and a good many quotes are directly from scripture.  Many quotations are from pastor Miles Bennett's Lift UP Ministries web site Prayer Quotes page.  I've also borrowed from the  WatchCry Quotes page. You may also browse the entire Elijah U file, or, feel free to email me to request a bare text file of my whole list. Webmasters may re-use any aspect of this feature without charge, and please contact me so I can help tailor a script for your site.  "Elijah U." takes its meaning from James 5:17a, "Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed...".  The "U." stands for "University", or, "You", take your pick.  All I know is, reading quotes like these eventually sends me to my closet to pray, with great conviction and purpose, most often inspired directly from the Word of God.

3)    The Free Books link opens classic books on prayer, which are public domain.  I would recommend that everybody read "The Kneeling Christian", "With Christ in the School of Prayer", and "The Path of Prayer".  If all a person ever surfed from this site was the Biblical Prayer page, and one of these books, I should think that sufficient to get that person started toward an effectual, fervent prayer life.

4)    The Audio Prayer Sermons page lists some of the most powerful prayer sermons you will ever hear.  With a few exceptions, they are in MP3 format.  Many are provided by, a massive source of recorded sermons, freely available to God's people. 

5)    The "One Accord" page is a list of links to powerful historical surveys, of what actually resulted, whenever the church universal began to pray in earnest, with one heart, one mind, one accord.  May God lead us all, so to pray, Amen.


6)     "The Watchword",  at the top of each page, links to, a Revival and Prayer Resource site where men of God breath out fire!  From their website, "The purpose of the Watchword is to call the Church to a lifestyle of fervent prayer and preparation for a revival of Apostolic Christianity. Our goal is to publish stirring messages and articles that will impart HOPE, VISION and ZEAL for a genuine CHRIST centered revival. It is our prayerful conviction that a visitation of God is eminent. Therefore we are committed to trumpet the prophetic call to watch and pray. "Prepare ye the way of the Lord; make His paths straight."- Matthew 3:3
The Watchword was first published in 1990 as an extension of the prayer ministry of Western Hills Church of OKC, Oklahoma. Since 1990 the ministry of the Watchword has regularly reprinted a collection of concise articles and historical excerpts that clearly define Godís unchanging principles of prayer and revival. The authors reprinted are not selected on the basis of any one particular theological viewpoint, but rather for their profound insight on the basics of prayer and revival"

7)    The Spurgeon Archive of Prayer feature is an adaptation of Phillip R. Johnson's The Spurgeon Archive.  The feature conveniently lists as many of Charles Hadden Spurgeon's prayer related sermons, from The Spurgeon Archive, as possible.  Even where the related sermon is not available online, just knowing which text this giant in Israel chose for instruction on prayer, warrants our attention.  Therefore, I adapted Phil's text index to link to the Blue Letter Bible.  Known as "The Prince of preachers", it is not duly emphasized that Spurgeon was truly a man of prayerThe Kneeling Christian wrote, " C. H. Spurgeon had the joy of being able to say that he conducted a prayer-meeting every Monday night 'which scarcely ever numbers less than from a thousand to twelve hundred attendants.' "  That was roughly 1 out of 4 persons from his congregation.  He knew the source of his preaching eminence came not from oratory skills, but, from God's faithfulness to His Word, pleaded upon by His praying saints, weekly, and both before, and during Spurgeon's public addresses.  E. M. Bounds, in his "Purpose in Prayer", wrote, "It was said of the late C. H. Spurgeon, that he glided from laughter to prayer with the naturalness of one who lived in both elements. With him the habit of prayer was free and unfettered. His life was not divided into compartments, the one shut off from the other with a rigid exclusiveness that barred all intercommunication. He lived in constant fellowship with his Father in Heaven. He was ever in touch with God, and thus it was as natural for him to pray as it was for him to breathe."   From David Smithers' excellent one page biography of Surgeon, we read "D. L. Moody after his first visit to England, being asked upon his return to America, 'Did you hear Spurgeon preach?' He replied, 'Yes, but better still I heard him pray.' A close friend of Spurgeon's, commented on his prayer life, 'His public prayers were an inspiration, but his prayers with the family were to me more wonderful still. Mr. Spurgeon, when bowed before God in family prayer, appeared a grander man even than when holding thousands spellbound by his oratory.' "  Everyone is encouraged to read the sermons "Daniel: A Pattern for Pleaders" and, "Let Us Pray".

8)    The "Sun/Moon" animation, in the Top Right section, is a link to 24/7 Prayer, a unique, online, 24 hours, 7 days a week prayer chain.  Quoting from their site, "24-7 prayer started by accident, back in September 1999, with a bunch of young people in England who got the crazy idea of trying to pray non-stop for a month.  God turned up and they couldn't stop till Christmas!  From there the prayer meeting has spread into many nations, denominations and age-groups. Hundreds of non-stop prayer meetings now link up here on the web to form a unique chain of prayer.This is what I had originally envisioned for  After trimming your prayer closet with the oil of God's presence, and having considered the One Accord page, and then hopefully committing to a regular prayer meeting, PLEASE join in one accord with this group.  All you need to do is register with them, and whenever you gather to pray, login, and when you close in prayer, logout.  If time permits, email them with praises of what the Lord is doing in your midst.  I have many joyful tears, from exploring this site, and invite you to access it soon.

9)    The "AWAKENING!" graphic links to a website dedicated to the ministry of the late Dr J. Edwin Orr.  Dr Orr was the greatest scholar of Spiritual Awakening the world has ever known.  His insight into the history and nature of revivals, how they begin in movements of prayer, and how they spread throughout the world to become general spiritual awakenings, was second to none.  From the website, "Dr. J. Edwin Orr, in my opinion, is one of the greatest authorities on the history of religious revivals in the Protestant world. I think that God has given him one of the greatest and most unique ministries anywhere in the nation . . . I know of no man who has a greater passion for worldwide revival or a greater love for the souls of men." (Billy Graham)  AND, "Some men read history, some write it, and others make it. So far as the history of religious revivals is concerned, J. Edwin Orr belongs to all three categories." (F.F. Bruce)  Knowing that few are familiar with Dr Orr's contribution to revival, as both scholar and preacher, I chose the label "awakening", as the most appropriate means to visually communicate the magnitude of his ministry.  I encourage EVERYONE to listen to this website's online audio files, or if you have broadband, its online video files.  Dr Orr will prove to anyone that God answers consistent, travailing, extraordinary prayer for revival.

10)    Although the site is intended for born again Christians, the animated "Did You Know God Loves You" graphic links to a basic presentation of the good news of Jesus Christ, in case any inquirers of other persuasions happen to surf this site.  It's a good "cyber tract", and I encourage everyone to share this link with others who aren't born again. BTW, this animated text graphic passes 10 times, then it ceases, in order to minimize its tendency to distract the user's attention (If I ever figure out how to modify the 24-7 graphic too, I will).  If you see only a blank space above this paragraph, and really want to view it now, just Refresh the browser screen. 

11)    The Operation World logo, in the Top Right Banner section, is a link to Operation World website, a comprehensive, country by country, missions prayer resource : In my opinion, EVERY Christian household should have a copy of this resource.  Just click on it, and see for yourself, or see the Global Intercession page for more details. 

12)    The Gospel for Asia logo, in the Top Right Banner section, is a link to Gospel For Asia's Miracle in India page, where details concerning the WIDE OPENED DOOR to the hearts of 300 million Indian Untouchables, may be known.  This is a MUST daily prayer point for all of us.  Click on it, and see for yourself, or see the Global Intercession page for more details. If you ever get the chance to hear their leader K. P. Yohannon speak, don't miss it. 

13)    The 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus graphic links to YWAM's 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus Calendar.  Designed to to be used during Ramadan, it is still useful year round, to promote a 30 day prayer vigil for those captive to Islam.  YWAM is careful to promote a loving approach to Muslims, who know more about the God of Israel than the average American.  Needless to say, interest and participation in the Muslim Prayer Focus has multiplied since Sep 11.  Oh yeah, "YWAM" stands for Youth With A Mission.

14)    The "Adopt-A-People" graphic is a link to The U.S. Center for World Mission's Global Prayer Digest topic of the day. "The Global Prayer Digest is a unique devotional booklet. Each day it gives a glimpse of what God is doing around the world, and what still remains to be done. Daily prayer for that still-unfinished task is at the heart of the Adopt-A-People movement. Condensed missionary stories, biblical challenges, urgent reports, and exciting descriptions of unreached peoples provide a digest of rich fuel for your own times of prayer for the world. The Global Prayer Digest is a key tool in a movement to help fulfill Christ's commission to make disciples of all the peoples of the earth. This movement involves a daily discipline of learning, praying, and giving to help reach the world's nearly 9,000 unreached people groups. Unreached peoples are those groups which do not yet have a strong church in their own cultural and social setting."  [taken directly from their site]

15)    The African continent graphic is a link to Far Reaching Ministries, ministering primarily to the persecuted Christians of the Sudan.  From their web site, "Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) is committed to bringing long-term discipleship and systematic teaching of Godís Word to individuals in Africa, China, Russia and other parts of the world where such teaching is either unavailable or inaccessible. Through the discipleship of indigenous leaders, teaching community Bible Studies, and planting churches and Bible Colleges we hope to see native Christians receive a firm Scriptural foundation, upon which they can begin to build the ministry that God is calling them to." These people are gutsy, ministering where their lives are in often in danger. If you ever get the chance to hear their leader Wes Bentley speak, don't miss it.

16)   The Global Intercession page provides mostly information about needy Christians of the Third World, and the challenging missions efforts in their localities.  These links are intended to encourage us all to agree before the Lord, with one voice, about specific petitions, on their behalf.  Many Christians around the world, are accessing these same sites daily, so, our prayers are joined with theirs, before God's throne, despite our distance, or lack of formal introductions.  Jesus promises us He'll respond, whenever we are in active agreement in His presence.  Since His throne in heaven is accessible to all, through His blood, He is not limited by distance, to be "in our midst", as we pray together on these matters.  

17)    After some raised concern that USA centered intercession wasn't included here at, I decided to put an animated American Flag up in the top right banner, that links to Intercessors for America Online.

18)   The Prayer Links page has several links to other, fine prayer sites.  Again, one could probably access the Biblical Prayer page, and any of these sites, and be on the road toward an effectual, fervent prayer life.

19)   The "Why Pray?" link is intended for brethren who may feel the present emphasis on prayer is too zealous, or imbalanced.

20)   On the aesthetic side, if you obtain the Bradley Hand ITC font, save it to your "C:\Windows\Fonts" folder, the left margin menu will look nicer.  The file is usually compressed, and you will need Winzip.exe to extract it to the fonts folder.  If you don't have winzip, there's an 21 day evaluation version available at the Winzip Inc Web Site.  (I honestly don't know if that will work for MACs, please email that info if you know about it, OK ?)  Until I get dynamic fonts working, or obtain a better graphic program, it's the only way to get the look I intended.

21)  ANYBODY who emails me will be answered, and blesses me with the privilege of adding you to my prayer list.

22)   FINALLY, BRETHREN PRAY.  Wait upon the Lord.  It is our primary earthly privilege, plus our holy calling.   As Jesus lives ever to intercede for us, it is our destiny in Christ, that we learn to let Him intercede IN us, by the power of His Holy Spirit.  HE HAS OVERCOME, and thus will He continually accomplish His victory in us, that the Father may be glorified.  Beloved brethren, after Jesus has renewed your strength, your hope, your first love for Him, pray for me too.  By the grace of God, I am learning to be like Epaphras, "always labouring fervently for you in prayers" [Col 4:12], and like Paul, praying "That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him". [Eph 1:17]

    God has Already Blessed You [Eph 1:3],

PS:  Wherever you see this "Brother Eddie" logo, is an email link to me.

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